Healthy Living and the Success of Your Procedure


Prior to your plastic surgery procedure it is important that you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Particularly for body contouring options such as the mommy makeover, establishing balanced and healthful eating habits along with a consistent exercise routine will assist in postoperative recovery, reduce surgical risks, and help ensure pleasing results. However, even when a procedure is not focused on body contouring, healthy living is necessary for optimal safety and ideal outcomes.

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What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Did you know that you can help prevent infection and speed up recovery post-surgery simply by making some adjustments to your nutrition?  The more nutrient dense the diet, the stronger the immune system which allows the body to do what it does best, heal!  What is the best way to prepare for surgery?  Here are a few ideas.  Lay off the processed foods and focus on whole foods loaded with color, vitamins, and minerals to help create and maintain alkalinity in your body.  Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces, in water and skip the sugary drinks that give no benefit to your overall health (you may even loose a few pounds along the way).  And get plenty of sleep which will help to keep your immune system strong and ready to take on the world!

These steps work well for many of our patients, but may not be exactly right for you. If you need assistance with reaching your goals or developing a personalized plan, we would be happy to discuss our surgical boot camp program with you during your initial consultation.

Surgical boot camp is a unique program geared towards improving candidacy for plastic surgery by customizing a health and wellness plan that focuses on the needs of individual patients. If you are interested in this program or if you have questions about what it entails, please visit our surgical boot camp Q&A page or call us at 480-767-7700 to schedule your consultation today.

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