Post Surgery


Post Surgery

Surgical Boot Camp has another spin off as well. We have had many patients that have completed their surgery and have now seen such a change in themselves that they have the desire to take their result to a whole new level. Some have gone on and trained for marathons, fitness competitions or become trainers and instructors. They now feel that finally the outside matches the inner self and they feel ready and capable to now reach a level they never thought possible.   

Before and After Pictures:

The patient below embodies the Surgical Boot Camp philosophy and result. She first presented at 185lb. and was determined to lose 20lb. before surgery, using a tummy tuck as her reward for hard work, and not a starting point. She had surgery at 165lb and had a tummy tuck and liposuction, removing 4,500cc. 

Not stopping there, and feeling more motivated than ever, she went on to lose another 20lb through consistent gym attendance and cardio. And then, if that wasn't enough, she became certified as a personal trainer and teaches Zumba as well.

She is Surgical Boot Camp from start to finish.

Below is a great top to bottom transformation that epitemizes Surgical Boot Camp. She is 5'2" and first presented in February 2013 at 190lb. We initated a plan of diet and exercise, with a goal of losing 25lb before surgery, which she did, getting down to 165lb.

In July, 2013 we headed to OR for a Brazilian Breast Lift with implants (340cc saline), total body liposuction removing 4,600 and an abdominoplasty.

Now, at February 2014, she shows a completely different body, achieving her goals the right way!

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