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John J. Corey is an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon who has practiced in Scottsdale, Arizona, since 1993. Dr. Corey performs all types of cosmetic surgical procedures. He lectures at Arizona State University, and is an Affiliate Assistant Professor at Midwestern University. He is one of the most respected and sought-after faculty members at the Osler Institute which provides hands-on review for practicing plastic surgeons nationwide who are preparing for their own Board certification.

Dr. Corey’s approach to plastic surgery draws on his training here in the United States as well as Brazil. After graduating from the University of Utah School of Medicine and fulfilling prerequisite training in general surgery at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, he entered the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta to begin his plastic surgery residency. It was there that he met Dr. Renato Saltz, one of his professors, who introduced him to some of the surgical concepts from Brazil.

Intrigued by the Brazilian approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Corey traveled to Brazil in July 1993 to study in Rio de Janeiro as well as with other surgeons in other cities. His training there taught him to view plastic surgery from a more artistic standpoint. “Brazilian surgeons seem to have a different ‘eye’ for aesthetic surgery…a different way of analyzing beauty and the human form. We Americans have a tendency to be very technical. We want to know exactly how much to contour and how much to measure. Brazilians seem to approach procedures more artistically. They don’t rely on applying the same measurement to every woman. They really believe in sculpting the form and creating the curve and lines of the feminine shape.”

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Corey knows the importance of focusing on each patient as an individual. “People are paying the doctor to speak to the doctor, and, while much information can be given by other office personnel, that cannot take the place of the doctor-patient relationship.” Dr. Corey believes that the patient ends the visit, not the doctor. To further ensure effective communication with his patients, Dr. Corey speaks both Spanish and Portuguese.

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