Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgeon Reviews


Laurie - Cave Creek, AZ


I went to Dr. Corey on the recommendation of my OB/GYN who said he did the BEST tummy tucks. I had gone to her for 10 years, so I trusted her opinion. And it didn't hurt that she is based in Scottsdale and sees LOTS of altered tummies! I was interested in a breast lift and an implant to get back the fullness that nursing my kids had taken away. He also recommended a little lipo in my hip/thigh area just to smooth everything out since my tummy was going to be so flat. I told him what bra size I had been and he was right on the money with the cc amount needed to get me back in my bra. It has now been 22 months and I am THRILLED with the results. My tummy looks amazing. My breast are just right. I have minimal white scarring. The lipo was very conservative and got rid of just enough. I didn't want to lose my curves.Dr. Corey and his staff were always friendly, helpful, and there for me. I called with several questions after my surgery and I always got a quick response. I have now had two girlfriends go in recently and they are both happy as well. I highly recommend Dr. Corey to any mom wanting to get back to what she used to be (or in my case...even better than I used to be!) And no, I do not work for Dr. Corey. I am not getting paid to say any of this. I am just a happy stay-at-home mom who is beyond thrilled with her results (as is my hubby!!)





Dr. Corey was very informative and explained the situation in great detail which I greatly appreciated. I felt at ease and not needing to know more or that something wasn't addressed. Was a comforting experience

Constance - Mesa, AZ

I am very pleased with Dr. Corey's Work - as I have had 2 procedures done over the last 7 years. I might consider other procedures in the future. The Dr. and staff are very professional, attentive, and kind.

Hillary - Prescott, AZ

Dr. Corey has already completed my procedure and I could not be happier with the results. I would (and will) absolutely recommend Dr. Corey to any of my friends or family considering a cosmetic procedure.

Katrina - Anthem, AZ

Awesome Service! Very welcoming and patient. Listens to all your concerns and empathizes!

Anja - Scottsdale, AZ