Scottsdale Cosmetic Surgeon Reviews


Dr. Corey did a fantastic job on my surgery.  After 6 abdominal surgeries from my near death illness in 2001 my stomach was disfigured and unsightly.  I had a very wide, thick scar straight down my abdomen from when it was left open 19 inches to heal on my 4th surgery in 16 days.  I was too unstable for the surgeons to close it.  My cecum bowel died and my body went into multi-system organ failure after having my appendix and gallbladder removed 5 days after surgery.  I gained over 50 pounds of fluid weight in 3 days when I had the bowel removed and was put on a continuous dialysis machine to help remove the fluid slowly.  I also had an ileostomy and j-tube in my stomach and several drains from multiple abscesses and peritonitis.  I was able to return to exercise a few years after the illness but the abdomen could not return to normal so I went to Dr. Corey.  My surgery was over 5 years ago and still looks perfect!!!  I can’t tell you how thankful and grateful I am to Dr. Corey for his amazing skills, bedside manner, and best patient experience I’ve ever had.  His office staff is highly professional and friendly and I wouldn’t go to anyone else but him.  I have plenty of pictures to show my before and after.  THANK YOU DR. COREY!!!!!

Stacey - Chandler, AZ

Dr. Corey, I wanted to thank you with words besides payment for the work you did on my nose.  As a psychology major I can say with certainty that people really do treat you depending on how your facial features appear.  We as humans are naturally and subconsciously nicer to prettier and more symmetrical people.  I have noticed a difference in how people treat me as well as my confidence when the camera comes out!  You’ve given me the thing I always wanted and it has really made a significant life change.  Thanks again!

Emily - Scottsdale, AZ

I always feel comfortable with Dr. Corey and office staff and from consultations I always feel more excited when I leave than when I came in about my future procedure.

Audra - Chandler, AZ

Erika - Scottsdale, AZ

Best Plastic Surgeon!!!!!!!  After meeting with a few other Plastic surgeons, I knew within the first 5 minutes of meeting Dr. Corey that I wanted him to perform my tummy tuck. He had incredible credentials and referrals and all around was a very knowledgeable and respectable doctor. I remember feeling so nervous and Dr. Corey made me feel so comfortable. He was so down to earth and confident in his work. Four months later, 20 pounds lighter I feel so amazing and even better than I did in my 20's!!!! I would have never dreamed my tummy would look this good!!!! Dr. Corey has such an incredible talent and I could not thank him enough! I just love Dr. Corey and his staff and I will always refer people to his office!!!! Thank you Dr. Corey!!!!!!!

Brooke - Gilbert, AZ

Laurie - Cave Creek, AZ


I went to Dr. Corey on the recommendation of my OB/GYN who said he did the BEST tummy tucks. I had gone to her for 10 years, so I trusted her opinion. And it didn't hurt that she is based in Scottsdale and sees LOTS of altered tummies! I was interested in a breast lift and an implant to get back the fullness that nursing my kids had taken away. He also recommended a little lipo in my hip/thigh area just to smooth everything out since my tummy was going to be so flat. I told him what bra size I had been and he was right on the money with the cc amount needed to get me back in my bra. It has now been 22 months and I am THRILLED with the results. My tummy looks amazing. My breast are just right. I have minimal white scarring. The lipo was very conservative and got rid of just enough. I didn't want to lose my curves.Dr. Corey and his staff were always friendly, helpful, and there for me. I called with several questions after my surgery and I always got a quick response. I have now had two girlfriends go in recently and they are both happy as well. I highly recommend Dr. Corey to any mom wanting to get back to what she used to be (or in my case...even better than I used to be!) And no, I do not work for Dr. Corey. I am not getting paid to say any of this. I am just a happy stay-at-home mom who is beyond thrilled with her results (as is my hubby!!)