Neck Lift Questions


 “I hate my neck!” I hear this all the time. One woman told me that the day before her consultation with me her young grandson declared to the world that he could make a really great wallet out of the skin under her chin. Another told me that she was afraid of getting her “gobbler” caught in the top of her jacket zipper. And because of it being so often complained about, it makes sense that it seems to be one of the most loved surgical results. Let’s look at a few common questions.  

Can I get just a “Neck Lift” or do I need the whole “Facelift”?

Yes, you can! You can just get the neck done and don’t have to do any part of the face above  it. In reality, a neck lift is one of the parts of a full facelift, but it can be done as a separate procedure.

How do you do it?

In its most complete form, there is an incision starting around the ear lobe, continuing around the back and then into the hairline. There may be another incision under the chin, where most of us have a little scar from crashing our bikes as kids! The muscles of the neck may need tightening as well.

Am I put to sleep for the procedure?

In most cases of the full neck lift, yes, you will be under general anesthesia. The procedure takes roughly 2 ½ hours and is outpatient, meaning you go home afterwards.

Will I have a dressing and a drain?

Usually a Velcro-type wrap worn on and off for several days, and yes, most likely you will have a drain that you will need to care for and that is usually removed in a day or two.

Can’t you just do Liposuction?

Sometimes you can. If the patient has good skin, but just a bit of extra fat under there, it really does work well and with a very minimal procedure, the patient gets a really dramatic result.

But what if I have some loose skin as well? Will Neck Lipo still work?

Well, it depends on how much. This is an area where we are seeing some advantage to the laser assisted liposuction (SmartLipo, SlimLipo). Not only does the laser help melt any unwanted fat in this area, but the heat generated from the laser seems to help tighten up the skin as well, possibly avoiding the need for a full surgical neck lift.

What is recovery like? When will I be out and about?

Even with the full neck lift, the recovery is much shorter than with a full facelift. In most cases you are out of the house and back to work within 3-5 days. Because of the location, most, if any, discoloration goes downhill and towards the upper chest, easily concealed and hidden from view.

When should I see results?

Very soon, in most cases. And the great thing about this procedure too, is the subtle nature of it. Most people can’t tell you’ve had a Neck Lift, but wonder instead how you lost 20 lbs.!! And no more worries about that jacket zipper!!!

I’m interested in a Neck Lift. What should I do next?

If you believe that you may be interested in neck lift, or facial plastic surgery contact Dr. Corey’s office in Scottsdale today to make a neck lift consultation appointment! The initial consultation fee is $200. In the days before your consultation, write down all your questions and concerns and make sure to bring them to your consultation meeting so Dr. Corey can address them.