Second Opinion


It seems like at some point in everyone’s experience as a patient, that the thought, interest, or need in getting a second opinion may arise. This is certainly true in cosmetic surgery. Because of this, Dr. John Corey has a very open-door policy when it comes to second opinions.

There are many plastic surgeons who frankly, are not interested in seeing anyone who has had previous surgery. Dr. Corey frequently see’s  patients that they have called around to find a new surgeon regarding previously placed breast implants, only to be told that the doctor would not see them. It has always been practice to see all types of patients, even when prior surgery can make things all the more challenging. 

Second opinions usually fall into one of two categories: pre-op and post-op. First, many patients are still in the information gathering phase and are fairly sure about the procedure they are interested in (and maybe even the surgeon), but that they just want the peace of mind of hearing another version of what might be done. They may want to know if anything else might be possible, either more or less aggressive, and what other approaches might be taken and why. This is a very healthy approach to cosmetic surgery and should really be done in almost all situations. Dr. Corey feels that speaking with other board certified plastic surgeons is almost always beneficial (although too many can sometimes be confusing!) and almost doesn’t count as a ‘second opinion”. But again, some patients have already found the doctor that they feel comfortable with and are just looking for that little extra confirmation, and Phoenix Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Corey is very open to providing this.

Secondly, after surgery, there are many patients who may have had a complication or setback, and even though their doctor is providing adequate care and concern, they may still feel the need for further reassurance from an uninvolved third party. Reviewing a proposed treatment plan and discussing a realistic time for completion can all help strengthen the bond between the doctor and patient, usually lending itself to a quicker and healthier recovery, whereas leveling blame or criticism usually do not. Dr. Corey will look forward with a patient and reserve any analysis of the past to simple chronology. And then there are those post-operative situations of patient dissatisfaction, inevitable in the practice of cosmetic surgery. For these second opinions, some patients may have an outcome that did not meet expectations and patients are seeking out corrective options. And in still other cases, some patients just might be wondering if they are being too critical of their result and just in need of an outside opinion to tell them so! This does happen and Dr. Corey has found that in these cases the patient may be too embarrassed to discuss this with their doctor and sometimes all that is needed is the professional reassurance that “all is well”.

The need and desire for second opinions in cosmetic plastic surgery are common, and Dr. Corey is available to lend support, opinion and education to unsure patients who may find themselves anywhere in the aesthetic surgery process.  If you would like a second opinion about cosmetic surgery today, contact Dr. John Corey today for a personalized consultation.  We happily serve the areas of Scottsdale, Phoenix, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler and Tempe, Arizona.