Chin Augmentation


Why a Chin Surgery?

Scottsdale Chin SurgerySome people are unhappy with the way their profile looks. You feel that you may have what most describe as a “weak chin”. In some, it may be in combination with a prominent nose, which can compound the feeling of an under-projected profile. For many people, augmenting the chin area can restore balance to the lower face and jaw line.

What types of chin implants or augmentations are available?

It is first necessary to understand that in some people, the underlying cause of a weak profile may be more than just the chin. It may, in fact, be the entire jaw and the lower row of teeth may be set back as well. The true correction of this type will usually require much more than chin augmentation. It may require surgical restructuring of the lower jaw in which bones are cut and moved. Phoenix plastic surgeon, Dr. Corey does not perform this type of surgery but he may be able to help you identify this if present. With Dr. Corey, direct chin augmentation is usually performed through a small implant made of various materials.

How is Chin Augmentation performed?

Incisions can be placed on the inside of the mouth or underneath the chin through the skin, where many of us already have a scar from our misadventures with a bike!! Implants can come in various shapes, materials and sizes depending on your particular need. Many chin implants are contoured so as to give a gentle result rather than a distinct “button” sitting under the skin. Dr. Corey usually uses a soft silicone rubber implant that he then anchors to the bone with several small wires to minimize the chance of slipping out of place. This is performed under general anesthesia.

What is Post Operative Recovery like?

A small skin tape is placed over the incision and the stitches dissolve. There is some chin and lower jaw swelling but most chin augmentation patients were back out in public in +/- 5 days. There may be some numbness to the area and the lower lip may look and feel just a bit stiff for some time. This is almost always temporary and gradually gets better over time.

I’m interested in a chin implant. What should I do next?

If you believe that you may be interested in chin augmentation, call Dr. Corey’s office in Scottsdale today to make a chin implant consultation appointment! At his Scottsdale office, Dr. Corey can show you multiple types of implants and you can “try” some on. He offers two types of chin augmentation consultations: an individual consultation which costs $125 or, if you live out of the area, an online consultation which is also $125.  In the days before your consultation, write down all your questions and concerns and make sure to bring them to your consultation meeting so Dr. Corey can address them.

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