Browlift (Forehead Lift)


Phoenix Brow LiftYour upper face, particularly the forehead, plays a big role in expressing emotion to others. As you age, the forces of gravity can take its toll on your forehead region, and the sagging that results can impact the signals you give off to others. A brow lift is a great way to restore a more youthful appearance in the forehead region, helping you look your very best.

Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. John Corey can perform a brow lift, also called a forehead lift, to raise and smooth your forehead. This will help eliminate the tired or angry-looking appearance commonly associated with a sagging brow. The best way to determine whether a brow lift is right for you is to speak with Dr. Corey in person at our plastic surgery office in Scottsdale.

If you're interested in a brow lift, please call our plastic surgeon in Arizona at 480-767-7700 today to schedule your consultation. Dr. Corey and our skilled staff of medical professionals serve patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe and surrounding areas. 

Benefits of a Brow Lift

A brow lift can have a dramatic impact, taking years off your appearance. Some of the aesthetic benefits of a brow lift include:

  • Reduce deep furrows and other signs of aging of the forehead, creating a softer, more relaxed and rejuvenated facial appearance
  • Minimize forehead creases
  • Improve the appearance of frown lines
  • Reposition a low or sagging brow that is hooding the upper eyelid
  • Raise heavy or drooping eyebrows to a more alert and youthful position

There are also several important psychological benefits associated with a brow lift. Many patients experience a boost in self-esteem after their procedure. In addition, the elimination of a tired or angry-looking appearance will help you make your best impression in professional and social interactions.

Gilbert Forehead Lift Procedure

Am I a Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Ideal brow lift candidates are typically between the ages of 40 and 60, are in good health, and have realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure. Dr. Corey commonly recommends a brow lift for patients who are interested in:

  • Reducing wrinkles or creases in the forehead region
  • Improving the appearance of sagging brow lines and eyelids

In some instances, Dr. Corey may recommend a brow lift in conjunction with other procedures such as eyelid surgery or a face lift in order to achieve more dramatic facial rejuvenation results.

Your Customized Brow Lift Procedure

Dr. Corey will recommend the ideal brow lift technique to address your unique aesthetic goals and signs of aging. If you have significant excess forehead skin, he may recommend a traditional forehead lift, which consists of a wide incision across the top of the scalp. This incision will be hidden by your hairline to ensure that any scars are discrete.

In some instances, Dr. Corey may perform a limited temporal brow lift, where the incisions are confined to just the temporal hairline. This may help in cases where the middle portion of the brow is satisfactory, but the tail ends of the brow are in need of some elevation.

To find out whether a brow lift is right for you, please contact Dr. John Corey today at 480-767-7700 to schedule your initial consultation. We serve patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, and Tempe, Arizona.