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Nov 03, 2011
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Corey recently added Latisse to the many skin care and aesthetic products we now offer at our office and all I have to say is I am officially impressed! It is hands down one of the most reliable treatments we offer to patients. Not only are my eyelashes now fabulous... Read More
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Oct 20, 2011
Truthfully, many people want to have plastic surgery to not only boost confidence, look more rejuvenated, appear more youthful, but they also want to feel sexier. So, when is it appropriate after your procedure to “get it on”? The answer is, it depends on the individual and type of surgery, but... Read More
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Oct 01, 2011
If you are one of these women who are anxious to get back in the gym and exercise after surgery, Dr. Corey will advise you to take it slowly. Directly following any surgical procedure, your body is in a sort of recovery mode. This means it is essential to grant your body the time to adjust and... Read More
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