An Edge at the Workplace


We Baby Boomers are a whole different generation than my Mom’s!  Boomers work hard, play hard and plan on doing both for as long as they can. And as competitive as they are, they are also keenly aware that, while they may still feel very energetic in being able to keep up in the work force with the younger generations, they may not feel that they look very energetic! Whether they are interviewing for a job, or concerned about keeping the one they have, we are seeing a number of people turning to Aesthetic Surgery to gain an upper edge. 

What these patients tell me is that they have two main worries: Looking too tired, and looking too old….And I can almost divide these two concerns up anatomically as well. When patients say they look tired, (almost always followed by the statement, “but I don’t feel tired”) they are usually talking about their eyes (also usually followed by “My eyes are starting to look like my Mom’s  and I don’t want to look like that!!”). Drooping and bagging of the eyelids, almost always genetic, is the most common complaint. The correction for this is called a “blepharoplasty” and is a great place for people to start in the menu of surgical facial rejuvenation. It is what I call, the most “dramatically subtle” thing I do…It is dramatic because afterward, people will tell them they look great or rested, but subtle because no one says to them “Hey, wait a minute…you had your eyes done!!”.

And when talking about looking older, many patients start with their neck and lower face. They hate the turkey gobbler and the jowls that form at the corner of the mouth. The surgical correction of these is usually an isolated Neck Lift or even extending it slightly upward for a Lower Facelift, and the recovery is much faster than for a traditional full Facelift. 

Again, not taking too much time off is an important factor for Boomers!!!