5 Common Habits That Can Cause Saggy Breasts


It seems impossible to prevent sagging breasts in the face of aging, right? Well, the reality isn’t quite so simple. You may be able to enjoy a youthful breast position for longer with some lifestyle changes. These five habits contribute to drooping breasts – something only a breast lift can fix:

  1. Smoking: Cigarette smoking has many negative health effects. It harms bodily organs and causes numerous diseases. It also accelerates the aging process. Specifically, smoking breaks down elastin and collagen, proteins that give your skin its structure.
  2. Yo-yo dieting: Breasts are made up of a large amount of fatty tissue. That fatty tissue expands and contracts when you gain and lose a significant amount of weight. This process can stretch the overlying skin and contribute to an overall loss of perkiness. It’s best to reach a weight that’s healthy for you and then focus on maintaining it over time.
  3. Exercising without support: Breast motion from exercise is thought to contribute to sagging and stretching. Wearing a sports bra is a simple way to reduce breast motion. A supportive sports bra is recommended when you perform workouts such as jogging.
  4. Slouching: It turns out there’s another reason to sit up straight. Bad posture can cause gravity to loosen up the muscles and ligaments in your breasts over time. It isn’t something that you can feel while it’s happening, but rather a very gradual process.
  5. Skipping SPF: Unprotected exposure to UV rays is another factor that depletes the collagen and elastin levels in your skin. It can affect your chest and cause the skin there to droop. The problem is that the skin on your chest helps support your breasts from above. If it starts to sag, then it can have a direct impact on your breast position.

As you can see, you can control many of the factors that contribute to breast sagging. Unfortunately, you can’t control all of them. Aging, pregnancy, and other causes of drooping breasts will eventually take their toll. Fortunately, breast lift surgery can restore your figure.

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